Why we are different?


We offer consultancy and drafting of documents in a clear and concise structure, made by lawyers and professionals over 15 years in setting up and changing firms. Documents created by us have a clear and concise structure, made by lawyers and professionals with over 15 years experience in setting up and changing firms. Throughout the collaboration, our answers are very clear. Because we know how precious your time is, we offer you concise and easy to understand solutions.


The use of different patterns to similar issues may save time and may be cost efficient for day to day legal needs if such standard forms are well understood. Where a complex issue arise only a value added legal service may transform the complex issues that your organization submitted to us into a business solution.The art of doing so consist in a blend of solid knowledge of the law & practice combined with an in-depth understanding of the business itself, a correct assessment of the facts and the risks involved, trust plus an excellent communication with client’s decision-making bodies. On top of this, understanding and managing technical details is giving us an extra strength in creating tailor-made solutions to client’s issues.

Registered office address service

In the process of setting up a company in Romania, it is important to establish a registered office, which may be a personal property, a rented space or a lawyer’s office. The founders or directors of the company or their authorized representative shall request the registration of the company at the Registry of Commerce in which the Company’s headquarters will be located.

Hosting a headquarters by a lawyer is an option agreed by a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The period for which a company can be hosted at a lawyer’s headquarter is a maximum of one year stipulated in the legal assistance contract. If the registered office will be chosen, the correspondence addressed to the firm will be received by the law firm, so there is the security of receiving the correspondence and communicating to the interested persons of the company concerned.

Mail forwarding service

Mail forwarding service consists of:
– taking over the correspondence arrived on behalf of the Beneficiary;
– informing the Beneficiary of the incoming correspondence, in accordance with the procedure
– handing over the correspondence to the Beneficiary.
The procedure regarding mail forwarding service:
-the beneficiary designates a contact person for the execution of the mail forwarding service contract;
-the replacement of the contact person can only be done by written request;
-the beneficiary requests that the information on the arrival of the correspondence to be sent to the contact person;
-the contact person of the beneficiary is obliged to pick up the correspondence within 1 month from the date of the notification e-mail sent by the Provider.
-for exceeding the 1 month period, the provider will charge, upon lifting the correspondence, a penalty in the amount stipulated in the contract.

Availability of senior staff

Applying to our services you will be advised only by law professionals. All team members are lawyers members of the Bucharest Bar. By working with us you will always be in contact with a lawyer and you will be regularly informed about the steps taken and the strategy adopted.

You may hold meetings at your registered office address

Meeting or conference rooms to hire are available for all our clients at there glistered office address in downtown of Bucharest.

Meet the Team

Andrei Clatea graduated from the Faculty of Law at the “Al. Ioan Cuza ” Univeristy in Iasi in 2012. Andrei Clatea has 2 years experience in conducting corporate registration, providing consultancy in the field of company law regarding the registration at the Registry of Commerce, tax registration and authorization of companies’ operation. Andrei handles customer inquiries, builds and maintains working relationships with internal and external partners while leveraging these relationships to deliver innovative events. Furthermore, Andrei provides technical assistance and monitoring to ensure accuracy and completeness of paperwork, generating reports data and information for the Company. In addition to this, Andrei is well-known for his knowledge and strong ability to manage fast-paced working with many customers, has excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work concurrently with multiple customers and handles confindential information with care and discretion.

Cosmina Nituca graduated from the Faculty of Law at the “Al. Ioan Cuza “University of Iasi (2015) and holds a master’s degree in Business Law at” Nicolae Tilulescu “University, Bucharest (2016). Cosmina Nituca has over 3 years experience in conducting procedures at the Registry of Commerce, offering consultancy in the field of company law and any information needed to set up companies and any modifications for existing companies. In additions to this, Cosmina drives short and long-term media strategy including defining goals, leading copy, messaging and production. Also, Cosmina manages content development, publishing and community management in addition to managing the day-to-day messaging, monitoring and moderation on the law surface.

Iulian Dănciulescu is a specialist in Intellectual Property issues, with special focus on law enforcement and comunication fields. His practice focuses on trademark and copyright, being involved in IT & Pharma, activities within the intellectual property field, such as legal research and docketing, monitoring deadlines, organizing preliminary and administrative correspondence with clients, in charge with the preparation of documents for filing trademark and design applications, preliminary searches inthe public databases with trademarks and designs, trademark monitoring tasks. He is a dedicated expert, advising clients in relation with public authorities, protection of their rights, but also in regards to negotiation and mediation techniques. Furthermore, he is involved in matters regarding company registration and any other problems related.

Mircea Coliu has an overwhelming experience of over 15 years in managing and creating companies. His experience covers procedures at the Registry of Commerce, establishment of companies, consultancy in the field of company management, choice of optimal tax solutions, relationship with public authorities. Mircea holds hands-on management of functions including: operations, business analytics, customer loyalty and project management. He provides unparalelled business judgment and critical thinking skills with the ability to use data to quickly estabilish the highest value priorities and develop a strategy to pursue them. He holds experience in working closely and and communicating effectively with internal and external shareholders in an ever-changing, rapid growth environment with tight deadlines.

Due to this immense experience and incredible managing skills, he is considered one of the best in his area of expertise.

Mirela Godeanu graduated from the University of Bucharest and holds a LLM in Marketing. Mirela has an immense experience in the area of marketing and communication, provides consultancy in the area of company management, establishes all communication with public authorities. Furthermore, Mirela conducts market research on consumer requirements, brainstorming and developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns, undertaking individual tasks of marketing plan, creating marketing material in line with marketing plans, managing all marketing campaings, analyzing potential strategic partner relationship for company marketing and assists in outbound and inbound marketing activities in content development and optimization, advertising, event planning and others.

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